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How Gaming on PCs is better than Consoles (XBOX, PS4)

There has been alot of debate about various gaming platforms. For me personally, PC Gaming stands out in all of them. Today I’m going to share my opinion with which most people with even a hint of common sense would agree or appreciate. So here’s my top 4 reason why PC Gaming is better than any of the current gen consoles such Xbox One X/S, PS4 Slim / Pro, Nintendo Switch or you could even say Soulja Boy Console 😛 1. Cheaper in Long Run Silly console gamers claims thatRead More

Nvidia announces Turing architecture based RTX GPUs starting from $499

Starting for Pre-order right away today and launching exactly after 1 month on 20 Sept, the new Nvidia GPUs are claimed to be 6x faster. With Technologies like Ray Tracing it can’t be any better. Gaming wise, these announced features and technologies are huge. Nvidia really did make it worth for us all for waiting 2+ years for new consumer GPUs. Now it won’t be long before we would finally have GPUs that can play most demanding modern gaming titles at 4k ultra with 144fps. This also seems like aRead More

Budget Indian Gamers, Avoid Corsair VS Series PSUs at all cost

Corsair Budget PSU LineUp, VS Series Power Supplies are complete garbage. They might be cost effective but not even worth a single penny. I have heard numerous complaints from people having random reboot issues with these units. Avoid them at all costs, a much better alternative is Circle PSU which provide much better quality at similar price range. I see so many people buy Circle Cases for their PC builds but most of them ignore the potential of their PSUs. I have owned a Corsair VS450 PSU unit which startedRead More

Circle 500 Watts APFC Power Supply Review

So two years back i got this Circle 500 watts APFC PSU for my PC as my Corsair VS450 PSU was having random reboot issues that i had to suffer for 1 and a half year (Oct. 2014-April 2016). I got this PSU in early May, not only the price was great (i bought it for ₹2550) but the build quality was also above par. It’s the cheapest 500W PSU in Indian market with AMD Gaming / Crossfire and Nvidia SLI certification. One of the most satisfying thing i noticedRead More

GTA V – Epic Stunts and Action Packed Fun Gameplay Video

  This was really one of my most eventful GTA V video, during the first stunt which failed. A pigeon hit my car (either hood or windshield) and died. And at 2nd attempt with different car I successfully completed the stunt. There was so much action, I also did some legacy car stunts in the meantime that weren’t too bad. Destroyed some cars with C4 bombs and while others with Jerry Can oil. Near the end of video you will notice when Police was chasing, i saw two dead bodiesRead More

If OnePlus 6 can be priced competitively in India, why can’t other name brands electronics?

I am quite impressed by seeing how well OnePlus phones have been priced in India ever since their first official launch back in Late 2014. The Official price of OnePlus 6 in USA is 530$ (₹36,000 approx.) In India the price is 35,000 which is barely 1,000Rs. cheaper than USA for base model. This also proves that Import duties and taxes have minimal affect on the final pricing of a product. So we come down to the conclusion that most MNCs are making extra profit by selling electronics at aboutRead More

Fortnite Full PC Gameplay – 50v50 – Battle Royale

  Presenting you my first video of Fortnite, though i survived for a while but could have fought better had i found a gun to kill enemies. I did some spectating for good amount of time after dying. I cut the ending part as i opened discord chat while playing which might have look awkward and it also muted the game sound. Fortnite has decent gameplay but i would say cheesy graphics. It’s not as easy to survive though, however it might look so. I don’t know many tricks suchRead More