Thursday, 4 March 2021

Ant Esports ICE-211TG - Affordable RGB Gaming Case Review, Corners were cut but it still stands tall

RGB on the case looks very good and bright, fans look pretty sick and high quality as well. Tempred glass at this price is phenomal that too with two RGB Fans with LED Control button.

For all the color modes and my favorite is the last one, the faster mix of three, also it's nice to have a transparent glaas so we have a look at the the sexy components inside your rig.

This case also has pretty good tool-less mounting system for 2.5" SSDs with support for maximum 3 of them and two 3.5" HDDs. I have 2 Seagate Barracuda hard drives (1TB for Media and 2TB for Games) and one Crucial BX500 120GB SSD (OS & Apps).

Front mesh on this case looks really nice and wonderful, adds amazing aesthetics to overall look and gives it a nice clean look.

Everything is fine except it has sharp edges in couple of places and initially i got a slight cut due to that while building my pc and there's no reset button which a huge bummer.

The airflow is more or less the same as my previous chiptronex c100 case but temps are like 8-9c higher though it's start of summers now but still bit high considering the front mesh and stuff. 

They need to work on these things then they will be best budget brand and can also charge ₹200-300 for better build quality and stuff.

Saturday, 6 February 2021

How Australia cheated to win so many World Cups in Cricket and their Chucking Saga

Ganguly's Dismissal in Sydney Test 2008 2nd Innings
Sydney Test 2008 Incident 

Mcgrath ddin't have pace and only relied on line and length and i have doubts and legality of his bowling action too (no offense), Gregg Mathews who played 48 test for Australia said back in late 2009 that Mcgrath was a chucker but didn't say anything about current Australian players to avoid controversy but i guess he could name a few, the 15 degree law came into existence because murali claimed Brett lee, Glenn Mcgrath, Jason Gillespie were chuckers when everyone down under was throwing dirt at him.
This is the true face of Australia, they still have chuckers like Zampa and Starc, i hated that bugger head mitchell johnson, he was the most blatant chucker i have seen after Shoaib Akhtar, he was rude and arrogant too, aus always unfair means be it biased racist umpiring or corrupt officials taking a bit too much of strict action against their opponents, ponting never got banned or fine for slow over-rate and he used to be at 12 all the time.

ICC is pretty much in favour of Aussies in everything and in Sydney Test 2008 umpires were bribed 13 howlers against India, Aus can suck my big slick dick, convict bastard with no dignity and character, I wish this whole racist nation get nuked some day and world would be a better place.
Australia only won those 5 World Cups because of ICC help and umpires, we were cheated in final in 2003 because Ponting and Martin were denied plumb LBW early in their innings, we would have been chasing 260 or 270 considering we batted so bad due to pressure and still made 230 odd proves we would have chased that rather easily.
We were also robbed in 1987 by these goons remember the 1 run loss match to Australia in that World Cup? We were cruising at one stage then an unexpected collapsed occurred, still we would have won if umpire didn't accept that cheating liar Dean Jones request to change four to a six hence that exact 2 runs difference proved crucial in the result of the game and we lost and it was one of the reason for losing that WC because of losing that WC. Australia wouldn't have qualify let alone winning their first WC, larceny in cricket at it's peak.
1996 WC SF, WI were cruising and terrible decisions by umpires lead to their defeat and one them replays was not even shown by broadcasting officials it was such shameful call.
1999 WC we lost to Zimbabwe because of wrong lbw last cricket (close game but i mainly blame it on our poor batting that lead to collapse).
In tied SF b/w Aussies and South Africa, Kallis lbw was wrong too and he was well set at 47 so SA could have won easily. 
Didn't watch 2007 WC because of moving out and there we didn't have tv at that time so can't comment on that.
In 2015 WC Pakistan fixed QF against them and India lost SF due to bad umpiring as usual, 3 plumb LBWs were denied which surprisingly came as umpire's call due to hawkeye manipulation and umpire's call is a stupid rule anyway.
In 2019 WC they cheated against WI, Gayle was not out, two others too and Gayle was given wrongly out 2-3 times before that but survived because of taking review but still his innings ended on a no-ball and no one can review a bowled.

Sunday, 31 January 2021

How Nofap will change the whole world if we are able to make it through

the logo of this epic revolution to change the world for better

I think we all are connected if not through words or presence. We can help each other through good thoughts and being grateful and respectful to others. We should not let our guards down, i felt bad after 6 months of nofap then unexpected relapse.

It went for some days then i picked myself up again and now cruising with 5+ months of streak. My next target might sound a bit far fetched but 1 year in late august i expect to be full recovery.

Life is already getting better with discipline against seeing modern women and anything provocative. We should all unite against evils of porn and other sexual immorality like sexualization of women, trafficking etc.

Masturbation makes us really evil and leads to all other things like personality defects, destroyed spirituality, women objectification, disconnect from world and god. if we can defeat it, we can change the whole world and everyone will live with chastity. Being virgin is alot better random having sex with random people who only want you for the sake of temporary pleasure then leave you empty.

I truly believe we are only made for 1 person and should be faithful to him / her no matter how strong the temptation to lie or cheat is, it's a testament of god. We feel tempted at times looking at even face of cute girls even without thinking anything sexual because it's our basic human instinct but god want us redirect it, channelize that energy in something useful, it's called transmutation. We have intuition which can help us with the self control thing.

After a period during nofap, we eventually stop having any sexual thoughts even after looking at something suggestive because we have attained and practiced it so we are now used to it. It will immensely help the world become more vibrant, rich in culture, honorable to god and we will feel positive vibe everywhere we and people will respect and treat everyone nice because they have reached a level of enlightenment where they don't want have any materialism or worldly attachments.

The Dark Age will change to bright age for the whole world and majority of the evil will be completely destroyed. Everyone will live with dignity and pride. Porn has destroyed many lives since decades and now it's our time to eradicate it completely from our society and neutralize it's far reaching consequences.

Sunday, 24 January 2021

My new Epic Gaming Mouse is finally here and it was a much needed upgrade

Redgear M609 Review
My new Epic Gaming Mouse
So being stuck with a cheap, weird looking, heavy, uncomfortable mouse for several months because my sister just because my sister couldn't spend ₹250 more on a much more decent one which i finally own now, it's amazing in almost every aspect though does have shortcomings (pretty minor) like every budget mouse.

One of the most exciting and unbelievable thing about is despite having thousands of reviews for all of it's 5-6 different models, it still maintains a pretty healthy and amazing rating of 4.5 out 5 stars on amazon. All other decent mouse i have seen around this budget or under ₹1000 are rated anywhere around from 4.1 to 4.4 stars despite having far less no. of reviews and as we obviously know about the math of reviews, the higher the count the more chances of less overall product rating due to more people with bad experience or issues.

Despite it being way better than my previous one in most things, i still have three complains, i wish cable was braided (with gold plated connector ideally), scroll wheel was more smooth (makes a little noise as well) and even with highest 3200 DPI the movement feels a slightly less compared to my previous mouse.

Otherwise, the accuracy of sensor, the optical switches and the overall quality of buttons is top notch. I really love it's RGB lights as well. Has colors ranging from Red, Green, Blue and Purple depending on the DPI level selected. It has a great sensor and i love the looks as well, one of the most aesthetic budget mouse, you could also say.

So let's get back and look at what was wrong with my previous mouse, i had a XMate Zorro, weirdly, there are many clones out there of it on amazon itself so i am not sure which one is the original but it doesn't matter as they are pretty much the same price.

So i got this mouse for ₹500 back in July and my first impression of it was it was very heavy, took me several days to get used to it's heftiness but then there was also an issue of click not responding sometimes (occasionally) which was not that much of an issue then one of the biggest annoyance for was it was seriously uncomfortable to hold in hand, even the last day i used that mouse (couple of days back), it was just not pleasing at all. It might have looked OK normally but never was able to take a good photo of it so it prove looks weren't on it's side as well.

I have told you the whole story but no mention of the mouse name (make and model) itself, so presenting you the epic ₹729 (10$) Redragon M609, got it for ₹60 off on the Republic Indian Sale on Amazon India.

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Upgraded my PC to 7th gen i5 and it's been amazing so far

When PC upgrade was in progress
When PC upgrade was in progress
So finally, my wish for having a SATA 3 and USB 3 has come true and it couldn't be any better. I also glad for a much better motherboard with more options and functionality. I got a i5 7500 with H110 motherboard and 16GB RAM and rest is the same, my brother had to get another identical 8GB stick which he got for a really cheap price of ₹2,000 as we didn't have pay extra 18% GST, they are some pretty basic Hynix sticks without heat spreader but it does the job as they are not very high frequency (2666Mhz, though running at 2400mhz because of chipset limitation by Intel) and latency seems a bit high too for the clocks (CL19) which stays same even at lower speed.

My previous i7 3770 might have been slightly faster in some CPU intensive games but it used to run really hot as even with a decent Cooler Master H410R Air Cooler i used to get 73C peak temps and with normal and pretty basic cooler like Deepcool Alta 7 it even peaked 94C which was not ideal at all and would have probably shortened the lifespan of the CPU. So this 7th gen i5 being very efficient and impressively runs decently cool too, same basic Deepcool air cooler runs this thing at 10C cooler than what tower cooler did with i7, absolutely mind blowing to say the least. We have come a long way with the efficiency with only 4 generations of gap, well you could also say, makes sense because 22nm vs 14nm so that is typically expected.

I am glad to be on the DDR4 platform as well, my MSI H110M PRO-VD motherboard also really shines when it comes to all kind of features, my previous Asus H61 board was really limited with BIOS options as you couldn't even change Sleep settings, RAM Voltage and there was no way to enable EuP/ErP to disable USB charging when PC is off. This one does all that and give alot more things to set as well and interface is pretty nice as well another thing that barely matter but worth a mention is Hardware Reserved memory on this board is 35.8MB and my previous Asus mobo despite being so basic still consumed a hefty 50.3MB. I do prefer Asus for motherboards compared to any other brands but MSI is still pretty decent brand and they did a fine job with this one while Asus H61M-K was a bit disappointing because of being so limited with BIOS settings options.

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

How Australia cheated to win 3rd T20I to escape an embarrasing whitewash against India

Umpires helping Australia to win in cricket? still a better love story than Twilight.

So, as usual umpires proved that they are just a puppet of Australian Cricket Team, always helping them win by unfair means with LBWs, close or marginal runouts / stumpings / noball calls, faint edges or no edge, manipulated hawkeye (thanks to their another friend called ICC for this one).

So here we will mainly talk about the controversial Wade LBW in yesterday's match and somewhat about two other doubtful decisions too.

So first of all, such a plumb lbw was not given (but benefit of doubt goes to umpire because we didn't appeal very confidently and it was only the bowler) but then Shreyas Iyer was given out on a umpire's call which was fractionally hitting the bails (it also seems like hawk-eye is manipulated in favour of ICC's beloved teams).

I am not sure what's going on with umpires always giving edge to Australia as 8/10 of times wrong decision always go in their favour ever since i started watching cricket back in 2003 World Cup final, in which also India was denied 2 plumb LBWs where Ponting and Martin were out early then they built a huge total partnership and took the game away from us which proved crucial and Australia posted a formidable total of 350+ and chasing such big total against a quality pace attack like their in the era where even 275 was considered a winning total was next to impossible.

So let's come to the point and discuss what happened here

the corrupt Australian officials intentionally showed the replay on big screen so India can be denied the review, weird thing was the timer wasn't shown but still India took the review under 15 sec then umpires even approved it then Wade had an objection with it being reviewed and umpires having signalled it to the 3rd umpire and he even started talking and they even reached the stage of hawk-eye replay after checking hotspot and snicko which showed it was out (with three red) then suddenly they dismiss it, just because a blatant obnoxious Australian cheat told them to do so, freaking incident.

Can't believe anything like this can happen, India also didn't look at the big screen, they asked for review because they felt it was out but that was the whole plan to deny it from India and everyone from umpires, broadcasters and Wade helped them to do so.

I strongly believe corrupt ICC is involved in all this because then why would majority of dodgy decisions would go in the favour of Australia? Chahal also got the wicket of Maxwell in next over so but it was called no-ball when in fact his foot landed marginally behind the line but 3rd umpire couldn't see it as he's been paid by Australian cricket board.

Additionally, India was denied 3-4 wides in Andrew Tye's over when Kohli who was playing so well lost his rhythm due to another unethical act by umpires. Couple of times, Kohli tried to get across and shuffle, once it might have been 50-50 (again the benefit of doubt thing with aussies) but the other one was totally ridiculous as it was probably a test match kind of wide as the ball was not even inside the main batting / bowling pitch, no matter how much you would around it's definitely always going to be wide. Something similar happened with Pollard in last over of IPL 2019 final MI's batting and it was funny to see his outrageous reaction on the next ball where he almost killed it with humor and anger but it was slightly disgraceful and umpire didn't like it at all and talked to him with disbelief. If you guys don't remember, on the next ball after wide, he went way too far across in a funny and sarcastic way hinting about that terribly wrong decision. If was mind boggling to say the least.

Lastly, India was given a hefty match fine of 50% for slow over-rate despite suffering so much due to corrupt officials and blatant Aussies who take pride in playing with dirty tactics in almost every sport they play. Australia has never in Ponting's captaincy era got fined or any ban for his ridiculously slow over-rate of 12 overs in Test Cricket. Take that ICC and your stupid white supermacist match referees.

Thursday, 15 October 2020

PS5 and Xbox Series S/X are ridiculously overpriced in India

Seems like this drama will never end and stupid brainwashed Indian people who lack critical thinking are justifying it again as usual as they did in the past. Many people i have heard saying both console companies (Microsoft and Sony) pay 40% custom duty, i don't understand why would they even receive special treatment from Indian government or officials, it's just another form of electronics.

In India many people blame GST for high prices of electronics but do they know that even Europe their 20% after sales tax which is 2% higher than India yet still gaming consoles and iPhones are pretty cheap compared to here and it just doesn't end here. PC Parts prices of many components such as RAM, HDD, CPU, GPU etc. are quite similar India compared to Europe so it does raise the question if gaming console companies are being greedy and / or retailers are desperate for high profit margins, could be one of the things or both.

When PS2 launched in India back in 2003 it was twice the price compared to USA and Sony claimed they have to pay 66% in import duty which was a huge lie as there's nothing even close to that mark and highest duty on any product is not more than 28% so this proves they are trying to fool us with high price tag and making petty excuses just to justify their in-competitiveness and fraud

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Extremely grateful for upgrade to 16gb ram and i7 3770

It feels like a real blessing, my computer is a powerhouse now due to this two major upgrades. I had 8GB since late 2015 and i used to dream about having 16gb since mid-2016 and my wish finally came true when my brother bought me two hyperx fury 8gb sticks.

Those are some really nice looking ram, blue variant is my favorite and that's what i got and aesthetics are just mind blowing.

I am running them at 1600mhz instead of because 1866mhz because there's no way to manually set voltage on my Asus H61M-K motherboard and due to that it's not stable at 1866mhz and shows failed ram overclock error but it's not the end of the world because as it's rated at CL10, mine runs at CL9 pretty much making up for that lost frequency gain and extremely negligible performance difference at worst.

I got the ram on the last day of the last year. Yes, you heard it right. 31st December. My brother also got an 8GB stick as well for his pc from Nehru Place.

It was a really good price, my ram costed 2700 INR (36$) per stick but i was little upset and argues with my brother that he got ripped off because according to the price list pdf i had (the most recent one ofcourse) price after adding 18% GST would have been 2500 so i feel we paid 400 extra for both sticks combined.

It took me atleast a few weeks to get over it, i know it wasn't a huge amount to fret about but there certainly was some dishonesty shown by Cost To Cost.

I got an i7 3770 less than a month ago, about two and a half week to be precise. It was also another interesting event that took place that shifted fortunes by my side. It was also bought from NP in Delhi.

My brother asked one of the shop to buy it and he was offering the cpu for 6k INR but without any warranty so it was a huge bummer for him then i looked up another shop which was offering 1 year warranty but at considerably more price of 8k then my told him that it's 2k cheaper on other shop then he reduced the price to 6500 and we scored a genuinely good deal.

But then another hurdle when we slapped it in my pc was, it was running really hot at load. Temps were easily reaching 90C+ then i got worried, i had a really cheap basic cooler from deepcool for which costs around 100 on amazon then my brother suggested me to buy some beefy cooler like the ones with huge tower and i got myself an Cooler Master H410R RGB for only 1800rs. on amazon and now my temps at full load never get above 72C.