Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Why you should support Indian Brands & not blindly consider them Cheap

Today, We see alot of products from Indian brands such as Micromax, Karbonn, Xolo, Lava, Intex, Spice, Celkon  etc. in mobile and tablet market which are quite remarkable for the price given their hardware specifications.

Recently, when I checked price of Karbonn Machfive which is only available on Amazon in India despite a long list of other major ecommerce such as Flipkart and Snapdeal.
Mind Blown, You get 2GB DDR3L RAM, 5 inch HD Screen, Lollipop 5.0 Android Version, 2200mah battery which is adequate in my opinion and not to forget with a very sleek yet stylish look.

The phone also resembles ridiculously overpriced and recently released IPhone 6S design and build quality.

Another recently released phone in the same price range.  Micromax Canvas Xpress 4G which costs around 6,600Rs. on Flipkart also seem to be a bang for the buck considering it's specs as they are quite similar to Karbonn Machfive but with 4G Network Support and  double internal storage (16GB).

I think the real issue lies in the honesty of retailers and companies.  I also do like Zebronics they make decent computer related accessories some other peripherals such as speakers, mp3 players, headphones, mouse, webcams,printers and scanners etc. at a very cheap price though they seem to have some quality issues which are not so often seen in their higher end products such as the Headphone (Iron Head 7.1) I bought recently which is working flawlessly since months and is a steal for it's price and quality.

I see OnePlus One / Two / X to be priced very similar to US and China price and that's the reason for it's huge boost to sales. I think for most foreign brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony,  are just monopolizing the Indian market for their personal greed and huge profits, there's a certainly lack of honesty when it comes to pricing in India, especially by foreign brands.

IPhone is considered overpriced even in US by genuine and experienced mobile user but still Indians go on about it as if they are getting 1kg of diamond for free while it roughly costs 30% than America. This mentality of cheaper things don't last long or have major issues need to stop because it's 21st century and which vast improvement in technology, products do cost a lot less in production that what many people think.

Some people also consider Karbonn and Micromax to be a cheap company even though all major parts of hardware are imported from China internationally.fairly priced.
Just because products from them are

Even Apple Ipad has a 'made in China' tag over it as i saw on the one my Aunt own. I just can't resist the double standard of these people and I hate 95% of foreign brands for their pricing policy because they have much lesser price for same product in US.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Why Video Games System Requirements keeps on increasing for PC?

I am really sad to see the current state of gaming industry, where with 9 yr old consoles people can enjoy decent quality of graphics with almost playable framerates with some restrictions and compromise.
PC games generally struggle to run same game in 720p with same hardware specs.
This issue needs a good look from developers to publishers. The code should be optimized enough to run games on most Midrange PCs but that has not been the case as of recent.

Racist America, Why are there no popular Indians in Hollywood?

This question has been in my mind for last few years. It's been digging deeper and deeper inside of me as the days passing by. You might say it's my obsession but i want to tell you again, there's not even a single Indian movie that has won an Oscar Award.

Alongside the ideas of directors and producers bringing rich and popular culture in one place does seem equal to only few races.

Having said that, Even Google plays a big role in bringing down Independent Indian Artists by ranking them low on Youtube videos and Suggestions.

Racism in America has recently seen reaching it's new heights as someone unknowingly latched temples with "No Entry" written on it's wall outside and killing an Indian Gujarati.

Hardly any roles that we Indians get in their movies are either negative, intimidating or too short.
Big recording labels who have signed Indian Singers/ Rapper don't pay attention for their success.