Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Why Video Games System Requirements keeps on increasing for PC?

I am really sad to see the current state of gaming industry, where with 9 yr old consoles people can enjoy decent quality of graphics with almost playable framerates with some restrictions and compromise.
PC games generally struggle to run same game in 720p with same hardware specs.
This issue needs a good look from developers to publishers. The code should be optimized enough to run games on most Midrange PCs but that has not been the case as of recent.

Racist America, Why are there no popular Indians in Hollywood?

This question has been in my mind for last few years. It's been digging deeper and deeper inside of me as the days passing by. You might say it's my obsession but i want to tell you again, there's not even a single Indian movie that has won an Oscar Award.

Alongside the ideas of directors and producers bringing rich and popular culture in one place does seem equal to only few races.

Having said that, Even Google plays a big role in bringing down Independent Indian Artists by ranking them low on Youtube videos and Suggestions.

Racism in America has recently seen reaching it's new heights as someone unknowingly latched temples with "No Entry" written on it's wall outside and killing an Indian Gujarati.

Hardly any roles that we Indians get in their movies are either negative, intimidating or too short.
Big recording labels who have signed Indian Singers/ Rapper don't pay attention for their success.