Sunday, 20 November 2016

How America is trying to destroy India at all cost

America is by far the most evil nation in the world without a shadow of doubt, they have done some really nasty stuff in modern age. Wars, Racism, Immorality, Deception etc. are only to name a few. Hopefully Donald Trump, the newly elected president of America can turn things around but anyhow I’m not expecting any miracles but from what i believe, he will do a lot better than Obama who was two faced in his policies with India, to say the least.

America has always back-stabbed India, be it in terms of economy by having very high prices of products by their corporations or be it providing free weapons of mass destruction to Pakistan. Indian Media and Government has been scared of addressing conflicted mindset of people from both countries. India is a huge slave of America mainly due to corrupt policies of our pathetic government and indigenous mindset of majority.

Why do we believe America is superior to India?
It’s mainly our inferiority towards them, we think they are rich and have got every material worth you could ever have in world. But the truth is life is spiritual and you can do anything you want if you believe, wisdom lies within. Materialism is the biggest cause of evil that surrounds America.

Why do we believe Indian brands are not worth it even though they provide decent quality products at great price compared to foreign brands?
Because all you hear in Media and News is all about fancy overpriced products of foreign brands are and how bad local branded products, many of them get paid for it. Samsung is even known for being manipulating people by hiring professionals to write fake negative reviews against other competitive brands.

Why do we work in their companies and make them hugely successful whereas no Indian brand has made a mark at international level?
It’s because America doesn’t want India to outsource products so we don’t get to have really healthy economy, it’s harder to get a decent job here that pays well. America is simply a very selfish nation which doesn’t care about others. They want everything and never have to give anything in return, this is the true nature of those people.

So many Indians get killed due to racism and hatred in foreign countries on daily basis but when it’s vice versa that too like in an year for some other reason, they make mockery of it and call us intolerant nation.

Monday, 25 July 2016

My Asshole Uncles and Why they need to die...

My current situation. Well, not quite explainable in words because the misery and pain is quite deep and I don't think anyway enjoy it, being suffering for these several years. I have realized that major cause for my breakdown and anxiety/ fear/ stress is my stupid uncle (mom's brother, the younger one). It was all fine until we moved out and started living in his residential. He would indirectly torture me with unethical thought process and i also believe he has done alot of psychic attack on me.

He never let's me upgrade my computer hardware or even buy anything online so most of the time when i order something online i have to hide from him and when i find out he generally scold me but i have been safe for last few months with my major phone upgrade and new graphics card.

The thing is, this is quite bizarre and hard to understand thing for a normal person to ever believe and no one i know personally believe in this theory but it's been spreading rampantly in past few years as i found out on Internet through research.

I remember when my computer was upstairs next to his room, even after telling him thousands of times the stupid nigger used to directly shut down my computer from wall socket which later caused my HDD to corrupt and i had to get a one, he didn't stop there. I asked the Computer Engineer for a 2TB HDD for my needs of gaming and heavy download, later i told that guy after if that's too much (and a bit expensive) then I would happy with 1TB model too. But my uncle had some different plans, I wanted to buy it online because it was cheaper but not only my uncle paid the price of higher capacity drive but also outrageously paid the amount of 1TB drive for a 500GB model, WTF is wrong with this prick? Knows Nothing but want to monopolize everything with his stupidity.

I see some of his childhood pics and thought I think he would've been alright in his childhood but after looking at his wank face, i realized he was was douchebag right from the very start in his life.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Foreign Brands ripping off Indian Consumers? A look at pricing and policies of MNCs in India

iPhones are generally consider to be overpriced all around the world. But, when it comes to India, people still blindly buy it despite it being most most expensive compared to other parts of the world.

Many Indian brands make loads of good quality products at reasonable price but many Indian despise them because they think just because "it's made by a local company, the quality is most likely to be terrible" which is a very stupid belief.

I have owned many products made by Indian brands some of them were not as quite expected but most others did upto the expectations.

Being from middleclass family and lots of restrictions being put for luxurious stuff. I had no choice but to find the best products for the price and i certainly did not fail for the most part.

Recently, When i started to go deep and discovered that products of most MNCs (MultiNational Companies) were priced quite higher than what they actually are in other countries such as UK, USA, Russia, Canada etc. Another thing I noticed when i looked around that same type of products by Indian brands were much cheaper and even lesser priced than their ones as compare the price in developed countries.

......So the Question that Arises in Mind !!!!

How come Indian brands generally maintain above average quality and yet sell products at much lower rate than any other foreign brand (mainly American ones)? Well, the answer is a quite straightforward one....

They are big game players !!! They want to make as much profit as they could by fooling people and Indian Government doesn't even care which makes it even worse. It also helps USA maintain their economy as their companies earn much larger profit and it's no worse than being slaved like Britishers did for 200 years but atleast we knew about and some people fought for it but nowadays people accept this indirect slavery and think of themselves as cool just because they have too much money, but remember nothing ever goes unpaid.

The amount of people who believe in hype of International Brands is staggering. It boils my blood to see companies like Apple and Samsung dominating the market of Mobile sector which proves it's quite easy to fool people nowadays if you're smart, have enough money to invest in a startup and the most important thing... the foundation of company is in USA or any other developed nation. Ever wondered about top 20 World Wide Brands and found name of a developing or especially Indian Brand name on the list? Most Probably Not !!!

This completely proves and clarifies how powerful nations of the world are trying to take control of the planet. They don't care about your loss or suffering. They just want to brainwash people and monopolize the whole market sector by their dirty tactics.

So my humble suggestion to all Indians, please wake up before it's too late or our country will suffer in the hands of world's most powerful nation and always remember that you have the power to change even though our government is being ignorant about most issue we face but still if we all unite and fight against the odds it can do wonders against any kind of evil (doesn't matter how strong it is).

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Top 5 Reasons Why Online Gaming Sucks for Real

There have always been a debate about stability and functionality of video games in online multiplayers. Initially, video games were meant for some quality time alone but that's not true anymore. Majority of Gamers who buy original copy of a game are more likely to play it online with friends, crews or even strangers as pirated version generally kick off campaign or story mode without
any major issues.

1. Lag
With most server located in US or generally developed countries, the chances are you gonna have really bad ping times if you are in any other part of the world (especially 3rd world countries).

2. Aimbots 
This has been a rampant issue just like piracy but in completely different form. Even with Valve's Anti Cheat or VAC secured servers, there are plenty cheater who use these tricks without getting banned.

3. Cheats and Hacks

Just like Aimbots but generally in non-shooting games such as Minecraft, Sims etc. These are really annoying if you're a pro at a game yet failing miserably because of those dirty little bastards.

4. Difficulty 
As a casual gamer, like many. I always struggled in MMOs and competitive online games such as Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike Global Offensive etc. Many gamers are fine with single player mode but when it comes to competitive online gaming, it can be a challenge for lots of us.

5. Mods 
This might not be as negatively effective as the ones mentioned above but it does cause heavy stability issue with the person using different mod or original game.