Wednesday, 15 June 2016

One of the Best Sci-Fi Shooting Game of Modern Era, Hard Reset Redux (2016)

Awesome shooter with great guns (seems like only two of them though), don't mock me for my casual shooting as I'm not very good with controllers (have a chinese Xbox 360 rebrand) in aiming (like most of us), i would probably the game next time with mouse and i am generally not too bad while gaming with mouse though i have a pretty cheap one which mistracks alot due to bad sensor.

Coming back to the game, I find the tricky mysterious parts such as finding how to broke into power supply region, unlocking layered protected area, extinguishing power to be quite fascinating.In-game music keep you feeling excited too. Destroying tanks, cars and other stuff feels satisfying too.

I removed the part of videos where i was doing something stupid, or taking too long understand to do what to do next. Hope to continue series with many more future of this game and next time even better display of skills :)

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