Monday, 25 July 2016

My Asshole Uncles and Why they need to die...

My current situation. Well, not quite explainable in words because the misery and pain is quite deep and I don't think anyway enjoy it, being suffering for these several years. I have realized that major cause for my breakdown and anxiety/ fear/ stress is my stupid uncle (mom's brother, the younger one). It was all fine until we moved out and started living in his residential. He would indirectly torture me with unethical thought process and i also believe he has done alot of psychic attack on me.

He never let's me upgrade my computer hardware or even buy anything online so most of the time when i order something online i have to hide from him and when i find out he generally scold me but i have been safe for last few months with my major phone upgrade and new graphics card.

The thing is, this is quite bizarre and hard to understand thing for a normal person to ever believe and no one i know personally believe in this theory but it's been spreading rampantly in past few years as i found out on Internet through research.

I remember when my computer was upstairs next to his room, even after telling him thousands of times the stupid nigger used to directly shut down my computer from wall socket which later caused my HDD to corrupt and i had to get a one, he didn't stop there. I asked the Computer Engineer for a 2TB HDD for my needs of gaming and heavy download, later i told that guy after if that's too much (and a bit expensive) then I would happy with 1TB model too. But my uncle had some different plans, I wanted to buy it online because it was cheaper but not only my uncle paid the price of higher capacity drive but also outrageously paid the amount of 1TB drive for a 500GB model, WTF is wrong with this prick? Knows Nothing but want to monopolize everything with his stupidity.

I see some of his childhood pics and thought I think he would've been alright in his childhood but after looking at his wank face, i realized he was was douchebag right from the very start in his life.