Sunday, 20 November 2016

How America is trying to destroy India at all cost

America is by far the most evil nation in the world without a shadow of doubt, they have done some really nasty stuff in modern age. Wars, Racism, Immorality, Deception etc. are only to name a few. Hopefully Donald Trump, the newly elected president of America can turn things around but anyhow I’m not expecting any miracles but from what i believe, he will do a lot better than Obama who was two faced in his policies with India, to say the least.

America has always back-stabbed India, be it in terms of economy by having very high prices of products by their corporations or be it providing free weapons of mass destruction to Pakistan. Indian Media and Government has been scared of addressing conflicted mindset of people from both countries. India is a huge slave of America mainly due to corrupt policies of our pathetic government and indigenous mindset of majority.

Why do we believe America is superior to India?
It’s mainly our inferiority towards them, we think they are rich and have got every material worth you could ever have in world. But the truth is life is spiritual and you can do anything you want if you believe, wisdom lies within. Materialism is the biggest cause of evil that surrounds America.

Why do we believe Indian brands are not worth it even though they provide decent quality products at great price compared to foreign brands?
Because all you hear in Media and News is all about fancy overpriced products of foreign brands are and how bad local branded products, many of them get paid for it. Samsung is even known for being manipulating people by hiring professionals to write fake negative reviews against other competitive brands.

Why do we work in their companies and make them hugely successful whereas no Indian brand has made a mark at international level?
It’s because America doesn’t want India to outsource products so we don’t get to have really healthy economy, it’s harder to get a decent job here that pays well. America is simply a very selfish nation which doesn’t care about others. They want everything and never have to give anything in return, this is the true nature of those people.

So many Indians get killed due to racism and hatred in foreign countries on daily basis but when it’s vice versa that too like in an year for some other reason, they make mockery of it and call us intolerant nation.