Wednesday, 30 May 2018

GTA V - Epic Stunts and Action Packed Fun Gameplay Video

This was really one of my most eventful GTA V video, during the first stunt which failed. A pigeon hit my car (either hood or windshield) and died. And at 2nd attempt with different car I successfully completed the stunt. There was so much action, I also did some legacy car stunts in the meantime that weren't too bad.

Destroyed some cars with C4 bombs and while others with Jerry Can oil. Near the end of video you will notice when Police was chasing, i saw two dead bodies on the road which apparently points out that motorbike policeman was in too much rush to catch me and hit them horrendously (being in a hurry).

Saturday, 26 May 2018

If OnePlus 6 can be priced competitively in India, why can't other name brands electronics?

I am quite impressed by seeing how well OnePlus phones have been priced in India ever since their first official launch back in Late 2014.

The Official price of OnePlus 6 in USA is 530$ (₹36,000 approx.) In India the price is 35,000 which is barely 1,000Rs. cheaper than USA for base model. This also proves that Import duties and taxes have minimal affect on the final pricing of a product.

So we come down to the conclusion that most MNCs are making extra profit by selling electronics at about 1.25x to 1.50x higher prices compared to America or sometimes Europe. I think the current launch of OnePlus 6 has really proven my point.

That's the reason why building a decent hardware equipped budget PC is a dream for many. I am also in a dilemma due to high prices of pc components and using a pc back from mid-2011 which i'm eager to upgrade.

Though I have everything upgraded except monitor and processor ever since I bought but i still in a hunt for better CPU and bigger monitor.

Most of my upgrades have been budget oriented cheap upgrades like adding another 4GB stick, getting Asus H61 motherboard after my original one (Intel DH61WW) started malfunctioning due to mishandling, adding two Seagate Drives (1TB in early 2015 and 2TB in late 2016) as I initially had only one 500GB WD Blue HDD.

GPU and PSU upgrades for me were a must as they both were failing severely, my GPU had crashing issue in most modern games and my PSU used to cause random restarts and both i replaced 2 years ago (GPU in March 2016, PSU in May 2016). It was such a relief to see all those bogus issues disappear and now i could enjoy doing my stuff without any worry.

Coming back to the topic,

Apple, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Nokia, Google etc. are the major brands which people look up-to a lot. There's no second thoughts denying the fact they lead the big chunk of not only smartphone market and but other electronics such as DRAM/NAND Flash chip manufacturer (Samsung), Playstation; Bravia TVs; Blu-ray Players etc. (Sony).

We all are thankful to google for making Android Open Source thus indirectly offering people ultimate smartphones within the reach of their tight budget and who doesn't know about Microsoft for making the most popular and widely used Windows OS for computers.

Now just imagine if these major companies can be honest in their pricing policy then what wonders would it do for India, right? Our economy will get a huge boost, the share market would sky rocket and most importantly even middle class to some lower middle class people would be able to afford the electronics that are unfortunately in present moment considered a luxury in India.

I am hoping one day my dream will come true and we Indians would finally be able to get value for our money, especially in consumer electronics sector.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Fortnite Full PC Gameplay - 50v50 - Battle Royale

Presenting you my first video of Fortnite, though i survived for a while but could have fought better had i found a gun to kill enemies. I did some spectating for good amount of time after dying.

I cut the ending part as i opened discord chat while playing which might have look awkward and it also muted the game sound. Fortnite has decent gameplay but i would say cheesy graphics.

It's not as easy to survive though, however it might look so. I don't know many tricks such as building glass walls for protection and sometimes using them as stairs as well, I'm just a beginner.

Hope you all enjoy my video, i am quite frustrated to see that none of videos really except cricket ones have good reach, as you might see my top 9 videos are cricket and it won't change anytime soon unless youtube rank my other higher and give them some priority.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

New Exciting Gameplay Video of PSP classic Tekken 6 on PC

Today, my friend played Tekken 6 on arcade in medium difficulty on my PC. He's quite good at it, took two consecutive perfects before he finished and went home as he was late.
Even though it's quite an old game (more than decade since release) though still graphics on PC look great, Devil Jin a killer character who can easily destroy anyone with his punches and various attacks.
* Video Edited with Camtasia Studio to add intro/outro, volume leveling and cutting unnecessary

* Playing the game on PPSSPP (PSP Emulator) on my Windows 10 desktop PC.

* The Game Was Recorded with OBS Studio on my Desktop PC which has WIndows 10 Pro.