Thursday, 17 May 2018

Fortnite Full PC Gameplay - 50v50 - Battle Royale

Presenting you my first video of Fortnite, though i survived for a while but could have fought better had i found a gun to kill enemies. I did some spectating for good amount of time after dying.

I cut the ending part as i opened discord chat while playing which might have look awkward and it also muted the game sound. Fortnite has decent gameplay but i would say cheesy graphics.

It's not as easy to survive though, however it might look so. I don't know many tricks such as building glass walls for protection and sometimes using them as stairs as well, I'm just a beginner.

Hope you all enjoy my video, i am quite frustrated to see that none of videos really except cricket ones have good reach, as you might see my top 9 videos are cricket and it won't change anytime soon unless youtube rank my other higher and give them some priority.

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