Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Nvidia announces Turing architecture based RTX GPUs starting from $499

RTX 20 Series Official Founder's Edition Launch Pricing in India
Starting for Pre-order right away today and launching exactly after 1 month on 20 Sept, the new Nvidia GPUs are claimed to be 6x faster. With Technologies like Ray Tracing it can't be any better.

Gaming wise, these announced features and technologies are huge. Nvidia really did make it worth for us all for waiting 2+ years for new consumer GPUs. Now it won't be long before we would finally have GPUs that can play most demanding modern gaming titles at 4k ultra with 144fps.

This also seems like a huge leap in GPU technology considering the performance they offer with wide variety of features.

Though I'm more interested in budget segment GPUs like GTX 2060/2050 when they launch as this lineup has not much to offer me with that hefty price tag.

Specs wise, these new GPUs look promising but seemed to be a bit too hyped for their actual performance but we will see that in benchmarks after they have been shipped or maybe even with some early leaks.

Most people were expecting these to have 7nm transistors but according to this reddit post, they are still on 12nm.

As expected, Founders editions of all these three mainstream GPUs announced is going to cost around 200$ to 100$ more depending on the model according to the listing here on Nvidia's official site.

It's interesting to see Nvidia sticking to same GPU Memory (VRAM) even though these are much faster than previous generation. 11GB just seem a bit odd number to me as well just as it did with the 1080 Ti, now same for RTX 2080 Ti.

Overall, I see there were hardly any technical issues or any embarrassing moment so i can say overall event was maintained well.

Now it will be interesting to see how AMD responds with their Navi Lineup of GPUs for better competition in market (Hopefully, at least not as disappointing as Vega or Polaris) as current prices of these new Nvidia GPU seem somewhat absurd.