Saturday, 31 August 2019

How Immoral Western Culture is affecting Indian Society

Lust is rampant in their society and being virgin is seen as shameful, they are materialistic. Divorce rates are high because of lack of self control, affairs are pretty common and we rarely see a couple lasting for a lifetime or old age.

Murder rates are quite higher compared to India.

Sexually transmitted diseases are quite widespread due to multiple affairs and casual sex.

Girls don't have any dressing sense and almost always wear extremely skimpy clothes such as crop top, tank top, shorts, skirts, bikini on the beach that's why stalking and rape rates are quite high. It also causes lots of temptation in boys seeing exposed body parts of women, it's not our fault actually but what happens naturally.

Worst of all, these things are getting quite common in India too due to Bollywood and media glorifying them, i have no respect for most actors / actress in film industry because what they portray in movies, doing sex scenes even after being married and having kids so just imagine what limits they can cross in real life.

Westernization needs to stop, as soon as possible.