Wednesday, 9 December 2020

How Australia cheated to win 3rd T20I to escape an embarrasing whitewash against India

Umpires helping Australia to win in cricket? still a better love story than Twilight.

So, as usual umpires proved that they are just a puppet of Australian Cricket Team, always helping them win by unfair means with LBWs, close or marginal runouts / stumpings / noball calls, faint edges or no edge, manipulated hawkeye (thanks to their another friend called ICC for this one).

So here we will mainly talk about the controversial Wade LBW in yesterday's match and somewhat about two other doubtful decisions too.

So first of all, such a plumb lbw was not given (but benefit of doubt goes to umpire because we didn't appeal very confidently and it was only the bowler) but then Shreyas Iyer was given out on a umpire's call which was fractionally hitting the bails (it also seems like hawk-eye is manipulated in favour of ICC's beloved teams).

I am not sure what's going on with umpires always giving edge to Australia as 8/10 of times wrong decision always go in their favour ever since i started watching cricket back in 2003 World Cup final, in which also India was denied 2 plumb LBWs where Ponting and Martin were out early then they built a huge total partnership and took the game away from us which proved crucial and Australia posted a formidable total of 350+ and chasing such big total against a quality pace attack like their in the era where even 275 was considered a winning total was next to impossible.

So let's come to the point and discuss what happened here

the corrupt Australian officials intentionally showed the replay on big screen so India can be denied the review, weird thing was the timer wasn't shown but still India took the review under 15 sec then umpires even approved it then Wade had an objection with it being reviewed and umpires having signalled it to the 3rd umpire and he even started talking and they even reached the stage of hawk-eye replay after checking hotspot and snicko which showed it was out (with three red) then suddenly they dismiss it, just because a blatant obnoxious Australian cheat told them to do so, freaking incident.

Can't believe anything like this can happen, India also didn't look at the big screen, they asked for review because they felt it was out but that was the whole plan to deny it from India and everyone from umpires, broadcasters and Wade helped them to do so.

I strongly believe corrupt ICC is involved in all this because then why would majority of dodgy decisions would go in the favour of Australia? Chahal also got the wicket of Maxwell in next over so but it was called no-ball when in fact his foot landed marginally behind the line but 3rd umpire couldn't see it as he's been paid by Australian cricket board.

Additionally, India was denied 3-4 wides in Andrew Tye's over when Kohli who was playing so well lost his rhythm due to another unethical act by umpires. Couple of times, Kohli tried to get across and shuffle, once it might have been 50-50 (again the benefit of doubt thing with aussies) but the other one was totally ridiculous as it was probably a test match kind of wide as the ball was not even inside the main batting / bowling pitch, no matter how much you would around it's definitely always going to be wide. Something similar happened with Pollard in last over of IPL 2019 final MI's batting and it was funny to see his outrageous reaction on the next ball where he almost killed it with humor and anger but it was slightly disgraceful and umpire didn't like it at all and talked to him with disbelief. If you guys don't remember, on the next ball after wide, he went way too far across in a funny and sarcastic way hinting about that terribly wrong decision. If was mind boggling to say the least.

Lastly, India was given a hefty match fine of 50% for slow over-rate despite suffering so much due to corrupt officials and blatant Aussies who take pride in playing with dirty tactics in almost every sport they play. Australia has never in Ponting's captaincy era got fined or any ban for his ridiculously slow over-rate of 12 overs in Test Cricket. Take that ICC and your stupid white supermacist match referees.