Saturday, 29 May 2021

How Nathuram Godse tried to save India from fakest freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi

The guy who wanted save Hindus from fakest freedom fighter of all time, Gandhi. The blatant double standard pissful partitioner of India got millions of Hindus killed during freedom when Pakistan was created and called true freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh terrorist and yet had no issue with terrible Britisher's violence. Got him hanged for his political benefit and also because he was getting more famous so he was jealous if him too. But didn't harm anyone and only scared Britishers to leave India. Nathuram Godse was angry with Gandhi because of blatant decision of letting Britishers hang Bhagat Singh so next year in 1932 he tried his first attempt but he failed and many more (like 4-5) he finally succeeded in 1949 but it was a bit late as the nation was already destroyed by Gandhi's policies by making Nehru as PM and being behind Netaji Subash Chandra Bose disapperance, had been the first PM, India would have been so much better.

"Nathuram Godse, my god and inspiration and Bhagat Singh too, Gandhi deserved to die much earlier, had he succeeded in 1932, far less issues."


There are many points, if true are shocking. Gandhi was an intellectual person and Godse although praised his struggle for freedom. But, he considered that if Gandhi would be alive, Hindus and Sikhs will be in trouble.

There are some of the reasons, which he highlighted that forced him to murder Gandhi :

  1. Betrayed Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose : Oh man, Subash Bose was the person who called you father of the nation. And when Britisher were leaving India, you promised that if he will return you will hand him over. Not just this, if anyone has seen the film on Netaji they can understand that Gandhi was not happy to teach Britishers a lesson for Jallianwala Bagh massacre, whereas Netaji’s blood was boiling to take revenge. Many of us don’t know that Netaji even in his Azad hind Fauz, named Gandhi battalion and Nehru Battalion. Despite that, these traitors betrayed him.
  2. Double standard on Hindus & Sikhs : On one hand, if Muslims were murdering Hindus, Sikhs in Pakistan, Gandhi said face death Bravely & when Hindus retaliated in Bihar, he threatened to go for hunger strike and Nehru even threatened for air strike.
  3. Double standard on Non Violence : During 1947 Kashmir was an independent country under the regime of Maharaja Hari Singh. Jinnah didn’t like him and forced him to join Pakistan. Maharaja didn’t like his offer and finally Jinnah attacked Kashmir. There were huge numbers of murders, rapes & robberies, 10 times more as compared to 19th, January 1990. When India did counter attack, why did Gandhi allow for military action? Why didn’t he send his Satyagrahi, why didn’t he do hunger strike? It’s clear sometimes violence can be dealt with violence.
  4. Reciting Quran in Temple : Gandhi was known for double standard. He was reciting Quran in temple, but didn’t dare to take Bhagwat Geeta to Masjid. Answer why he didn’t take Geeta in Masjid, because he was a man of double standard.
  5. Hunger strike for Pakistan : As we know that during Independence India promised to hand over 75 crores to Pakistan, but due to attack in Kashmir, India denied to give until the issue of terrorism is resolved. But Gandhi was unhappy with the decision of Indian government, he straightly went to hunger strike and forced government of India to give money to Pakistan and within 2 days, Indian government surrendered to him. Such a shame, nobody wants to discuss about it.
  6. Vacating Masjid : Many Sikhs and Hindus refugees of Pakistan were taking shelter in a Masjid of Delhi. Gandhi was unhappy that Hindus and Sikhs are staying in a Masjid of Muslims. He went there and called strike to vacate it. Finally Hindus and Sikhs who were already in trauma, were left without a roof.

Gandhi was a traitor, and he shouldn’t be treated as father of the nation. I recommend people to read this book or atleast do some more research. One of the guy in other answers shared a video, he didn’t include every point, but covered many.


His amazing last speech in court


Sunday, 16 May 2021

How Linus Tech Tips Forum is a epidemic of stupidity and fuels irrational hate towards certain people

If you raise a concern about something on the forum then people will stop moan complaining or giving you their shitty life advice when there's absolutely no discussion regarding it is going on and even cross their limits and call you egomaniac or why you are not doing good in life and even bringing pasts conversations which have no correlation, criticizing your personal life and tell you your faults some on dumbass stupid random tech forum and a tech nerd who stares at his screen 24/7 and has a anti social stigma attached to himself, do nasty things in private watching dirty stuff on raunchy sites and making a clear cut by his evil and sinful acts.

made me very angry, well tbh there was a 2 week ban before that where i said depressed people are sinful souls and muslims cause violence and riots in India they didn't wanna religious but what i said was true and then they mocked be by calling me islamophobic

well depression thing was a bit extreme but still i said it without thinking much but i don't really believe it sometimes i say stuff i don't want to or don't believe
i was also banned from status updates back in aug last year
so series of violations lead to that
but most weird thing was a mod posted thread cleaned notice keep discussion civil notice and nothing happened for several hours which is what i found weird about my ban hammer

The forum is literally a cesspool of tech advice too, when you ask something, get ready to get replies which state the obvious or some people just wouldn't read the details and reply things you have cleared, tried or already figured out and sometimes even stupider dumbfucks who thinks the OP is an idiot would say things like are you really sure or did you even try it. 

talking to support staff on email didn't help much they were not understanding enough although i got a bit angry because of them not replying at all or taking very long, i think they were not interested in lifting my ban at any cost despite me explaining everything so well to them. I wish to contact Linus some day but i fumed at him on twitter after my ban wonder if he can forgive me that's why i am not confident about it. I was always bullied on forum for having a lesser known brand psu, my conservative beliefs about marriage and relationships and many other things.

look this is why i found LTT forum toxic, i was mocked alot by people, they never understood me despite giving them valid reasons. Look at Levent's reply he's talking about me, i confessed to him about how i am hated here and Tech Dreamer is the person i have and he used that info to mock me, i talked to him in a PM to solve matters but he was being really ignorant and hostile


Wednesday, 3 March 2021

It's time to wake up, stop loot of foreign brands in India!

Their brands are so pathetic, just look at Apple for example. Having being considered overpriced in America itself we Indians buy their iPhones for much bigger premium. Generally 1.5x compared to USA. Samsung is also not too far behind with their policies on consumer electronics in India compared to Apple. Steve Jobs is overrated and should have never been appreciated for his pathetic ridiculously overpriced brand. Apple deserve to be hated, in my opinion. They literally suck, what they care about most is profit margins and never their customers.

You need to jailbreak it? It's illegal? You wanna repair it by third party vendor? Warranty void, boom.
While Android is open source, both of these things can be done without much of an issue and it's called rooting for them, not the notorious term Jailbreak used by greedy corrupt corporations.

By Taking orders from USA, Indian government also banned torrent sites. Leaving so many people under the scruff of the neck. The fact is most of us can't afford those software as mentioned earlier, their heavy price. I hate original games because they have those shitty additional software, drm and online checks. Steam is the most pathetic piece of software known for slowing down games and buggy UI. It short, it's a bloatware that acts like a DRM. Denuvo has massively ruined optimization for many games, while it comes as a guarantee of long delayed cracking, it also pushes way customers for the unethical practice of this certain intrusion which has decreased SSDs (Solid State Drive) lifespan of many people if not killed them completely. I might have alot of storage of around 4.5TB but i don't own an SSD still as i broke of my SATA Port and all three others are hooked up to my internal drives, i also have 1 external USB Drive.

Saturday, 27 February 2021

The atrocious double standards of facebook and hypocrisy of Islam

 So, i have been noticing of late the fact that facebook seem to have hidden agenda against India and support Pakistan who are notorious for Islamic Terrorism all around the world.

 I can't stand at all how they can allow things like someone saying "you suck your daddy dicks" and calling us "illiterate motherfuckers"which is fine according to them while saying something like "idiot porki" or "stupid paki" is extremely offensive that they would ban you from posting for a whole month.

Luckily, as my fake ID is with a muslim name, my ban gets dismissed as soon as i refuse the decision that my ban was rightful, so that's another unfair advantage they give to these corrupted religion assholes.

It's really boiling my blood now how these social media sites could be so biased, they are all run by jihadi Mafias who have nothing better to do than planning conspiracy against India and their next terror attack.

These stupid pricks do riots and violence all the time, few months ago it was Delhi. Now we are seeing something similar in Bangalore.

The Delhi riots were funded some muslim guy called Tahir Hussain somehow managed to get 1cr Rupees through some illegal or mischievous means which ended up damaging millions of dollar properties, such as houses and vehicles.

Now coming back to what happened in Bangalore, some idiotic muslim guy posted an offensive dank meme against Hinduism and Hindu fought back with another meme against their religion which got viral, everyone blaming the hindu guy for having replied back to them in their style without any aggression but look at the hypocrisy of stupid muslims who are blinded by the lies and demonic nature of their religion, violence is typically the only answer they have.

If Hinduism was like this, there wouldn't be 20% muslims in India and Owaisi would have been shot dead ages ago as how with the fire of hate and Jihadi Islamic ideology he speak with. Fouled mouth idiot like him are only surviving because hindus are peaceful and tolerant. 

Secularism is a superficial crap and doesn't work at all because Islam considers Hindu Kaafir and guides their followers to either kill or convert them. This religion of corrupt has done such countless acts of destruction all around the world throughout the history and getting far worse day by day.

Almost every Islamic state in the world is going through tremendous tragedy of violence and terroism, people there can't live with peace at all. Women are not allowed to even show their face in public as they are strictly ordered to hide in Burkha and laws like triple Talaq (divorce) are really harsh reality of their sufferings as all men have legal right to get married to another women, leaving their current partner after getting bored and move onto next one. Many people have been found to be misusing or abusing this law for selfish motives.

I still wish all Muslims went to Pakistan when parition happened, that would have immensely helped us with living in peace because these brainwashed people are never going to be in their right mind about humanity. Pakistan with 99% Islamic population, you can see how devastating their current state is and it's never going to be better with their false belief of evil Abrahimic religion, they are just stupid goons with lots of ego.

Lastly, another incident i want to share that i heard about in news, a long while back some newspaper published something against Islam in some other country, i can't exactly remember which country or what it specifically said. All i remember is illogical dumb muslims started riots here and killed a few people for something that happened in other country's newspaper. Sounds totally ridiculous, they just have blind eye with their religion and i have no hope of these pathetic traitors to ever get along with people of other religions.

Saturday, 6 February 2021

How Australia cheated to win so many World Cups in Cricket and their Chucking Saga

Ganguly's Dismissal in Sydney Test 2008 2nd Innings
Sydney Test 2008 Incident 

Mcgrath ddin't have pace and only relied on line and length and i have doubts and legality of his bowling action too (no offense), Gregg Mathews who played 48 test for Australia said back in late 2009 that Mcgrath was a chucker but didn't say anything about current Australian players to avoid controversy but i guess he could name a few, the 15 degree law came into existence because murali claimed Brett lee, Glenn Mcgrath, Jason Gillespie were chuckers when everyone down under was throwing dirt at him.
This is the true face of Australia, they still have chuckers like Zampa and Starc, i hated that bugger head mitchell johnson, he was the most blatant chucker i have seen after Shoaib Akhtar, he was rude and arrogant too, aus always unfair means be it biased racist umpiring or corrupt officials taking a bit too much of strict action against their opponents, ponting never got banned or fine for slow over-rate and he used to be at 12 all the time.

ICC is pretty much in favour of Aussies in everything and in Sydney Test 2008 umpires were bribed 13 howlers against India, Aus can suck my big slick dick, convict bastard with no dignity and character, I wish this whole racist nation get nuked some day and world would be a better place.
Australia only won those 5 World Cups because of ICC help and umpires, we were cheated in final in 2003 because Ponting and Martin were denied plumb LBW early in their innings, we would have been chasing 260 or 270 considering we batted so bad due to pressure and still made 230 odd proves we would have chased that rather easily.
We were also robbed in 1987 by these goons remember the 1 run loss match to Australia in that World Cup? We were cruising at one stage then an unexpected collapsed occurred, still we would have won if umpire didn't accept that cheating liar Dean Jones request to change four to a six hence that exact 2 runs difference proved crucial in the result of the game and we lost and it was one of the reason for losing that WC because of losing that WC. Australia wouldn't have qualify let alone winning their first WC, larceny in cricket at it's peak.
1996 WC SF, WI were cruising and terrible decisions by umpires lead to their defeat and one them replays was not even shown by broadcasting officials it was such shameful call.
1999 WC we lost to Zimbabwe because of wrong lbw last cricket (close game but i mainly blame it on our poor batting that lead to collapse).
In tied SF b/w Aussies and South Africa, Kallis lbw was wrong too and he was well set at 47 so SA could have won easily. 
Didn't watch 2007 WC because of moving out and there we didn't have tv at that time so can't comment on that.
In 2015 WC Pakistan fixed QF against them and India lost SF due to bad umpiring as usual, 3 plumb LBWs were denied which surprisingly came as umpire's call due to hawkeye manipulation and umpire's call is a stupid rule anyway.
In 2019 WC they cheated against WI, Gayle was not out, two others too and Gayle was given wrongly out 2-3 times before that but survived because of taking review but still his innings ended on a no-ball and no one can review a bowled.

Monday, 1 February 2021

Bashing of a Stupid Person (or Troll) of highest order, epic reply which totally destroyed him (genius at work)

  On 1/31/2021 at 6:10 PM, Tautedorus said:

If we're now talking about your current PSU, I haven't found a single proper review. This unit has been working for you for so long because your system doesn't even draw 200W under full load. If it were powering something more power hungry, that wouldn't be the case.

Anyway, i know you won't believe anything i say but i still want to keep my point, it has 34 amps on 12V rail and people have run 1060 6gb or even 1070 on this thing without a hitch. if you read amazon reviews, you will know, it was rated around 4.4 during it's starting days then lost it's way due to overpriced garbage sellers and fake reviews and other frauds done by foreign companies and govts. Corsair VS450 gave me restart issues just under 4 months even at idle with my hd 6850, i know it's like 120w tdp gpu still it my system would have hardly drawn over 120w even at full load but we are talking about normal tasks here and consider them to be the top tier brand while they sell cheap patehtic quality budget PSUs just to capture low budget market to expand themselves and grow, and their products are blatantly overpriced here anyway so all they want is money for their mediocre products and most ndians are mad about foreign brands here (except maybe chinese because of recent political conflict but still they have hugely dominated the smartphone market in last 6-7 years as top 4 brands of out 5 here are from that tech manufacturing giant, Samsung is that only non-chinese company standing at No.2, Xiaomi at the top and 3 remaining ones are Oppo, Vivo, Realme which are owned by BBK electronics who also own OnePlus).

Their non-mechanical RGB Keyboards here cost like 60-80$ easily and have huge 50-70% compared to USA and don't ask about their mech ones with the likes of K70 and stuff thoe are like easily 180-200$, Indian brands also manufacture in China and order most of their components from their even if they do locally here (rare in most cases, atleast for small brands) to get import duty reduced to 2% from 12%. Even Apple started manufacturing here since last year and still charge the same markup of 1.5x in India despite lower taxes, now go figure everything else yourself. BTW, they already have scalper prices even in USA and selling the Magic Keyboard for a fucking ₹15,000 for at that price no RGB, Ergonomics (the word linus use att :P), non-mech, shit looks, okayish build quality.

My Last Message to my old Yahoo! Answers Cricket Section Friend on Facebook

Seems like you don't care much about me, i am giving up on you, ignoring so many messages in a cluster just means you have not much to do with me, i said 100 ridiculous offensive to my only friend yet he just call it nonsense and bs then moves on.

You cricket section people never really liked me right from the start and even when i was genuine and taking a toll on those bloody cheating convict bastards you had issue with me complaining about their cheating but not really the dirty tactics applied by aus in every game they play.

It has been the case ever since ashes started back in 1877, england always suffered howlers against them otherwise they would have 50 ashes series and aus barely 15 and remaining 5 drawn.

Bloody motherfucking bastard john lucas thought i asked a question using his real name then you and geith came up to me saying why did you do it and didn't believe anything i say, you guys are quick to assume and easily believe lies and whoever asked it wasn't evena abusive or bad question but yeah not good reveal someone's real name on public forum.

Then disgusting australian trolls started asking masturbation, father undies etc. question about me and biggus diggus even wrote "[my name] indeed has aids" on his profile after few months when filthy trolling against me.

It at it's peak by those stupid motherfucking goons like wanker, bingalee, mrjinx64, craig and that guy himself and few others i am done with all of you thanks for your unpleasanmt time you bloody bastards gave me, i am gonna remove each and every single one of you.

Keep going on with your pathetic lonely sexually immoral and evil life, you never find true love and will live rest of your life this pathetic fashion.

Good bye you all bloody motherfucking obnoxious, disgraceful, creepy, disgusting, characterless people with no dignity, character or integrity. You all are stupid, liars, deceitful, frauds and extremely gross.

Sunday, 31 January 2021

How Brahmacharya will change the whole world if we are able to make it through

I think we all are connected if not through words or presence. We can help each other through good thoughts and being grateful and respectful to others. We should not let our guards down, i felt bad after 6 months of brahmacharya then unexpected relapse.

It went for some days then i picked myself up again and now cruising with 5+ months of streak. My next target might sound a bit far fetched but 1 year in late august i expect to be full recovery.

Life is already getting better with discipline against seeing modern women and anything provocative. We should all unite against evils of adult conten and other sexual immoralities like sexualization of women, trafficking etc.

Addiction makes us really evil and leads to all other things like personality defects, destroyed spirituality, women objectification, disconnect from world and god. if we can defeat it, we can change the whole world and everyone will live with chastity. Being virgin is whole lot better random having affair with random people who only want you for the sake of temporary pleasure then leave you empty.

I truly believe we are only made for 1 person and should be faithful to him / her no matter how strong the temptation to lie or cheat is, it's a testament of god. We feel tempted at times looking at even face of beautiful girls even without thinking anything sexual because it's our basic human instinct but god want us redirect it, channelize that energy in something useful, it's called transmutation. We have intuition which can help us with the self control thing.

After a period during brahmacharya, we eventually stop having any sexual thoughts even after looking at something suggestive because we have attained and practised it so we are now used to it. It will immensely help the world become more vibrant, rich in culture, honourable to god and we will feel positive vibe everywhere we and people will respect and treat everyone nice because they have reached a level of enlightenment where they don't want have any materialism or worldly attachments.

The Dark Age will change to golden age for the whole world and majority of the evil will be completely destroyed. Everyone will live with dignity and pride. Adult web has destroyed many lives since decades and now it's our time to eradicate it completely from our society and neutralize it's far reaching consequences.