Sunday, 31 January 2021

How Nofap will change the whole world if we are able to make it through

the logo of this epic revolution to change the world for better

I think we all are connected if not through words or presence. We can help each other through good thoughts and being grateful and respectful to others. We should not let our guards down, i felt bad after 6 months of nofap then unexpected relapse.

It went for some days then i picked myself up again and now cruising with 5+ months of streak. My next target might sound a bit far fetched but 1 year in late august i expect to be full recovery.

Life is already getting better with discipline against seeing modern women and anything provocative. We should all unite against evils of porn and other sexual immorality like sexualization of women, trafficking etc.

Masturbation makes us really evil and leads to all other things like personality defects, destroyed spirituality, women objectification, disconnect from world and god. if we can defeat it, we can change the whole world and everyone will live with chastity. Being virgin is alot better random having sex with random people who only want you for the sake of temporary pleasure then leave you empty.

I truly believe we are only made for 1 person and should be faithful to him / her no matter how strong the temptation to lie or cheat is, it's a testament of god. We feel tempted at times looking at even face of cute girls even without thinking anything sexual because it's our basic human instinct but god want us redirect it, channelize that energy in something useful, it's called transmutation. We have intuition which can help us with the self control thing.

After a period during nofap, we eventually stop having any sexual thoughts even after looking at something suggestive because we have attained and practiced it so we are now used to it. It will immensely help the world become more vibrant, rich in culture, honorable to god and we will feel positive vibe everywhere we and people will respect and treat everyone nice because they have reached a level of enlightenment where they don't want have any materialism or worldly attachments.

The Dark Age will change to bright age for the whole world and majority of the evil will be completely destroyed. Everyone will live with dignity and pride. Porn has destroyed many lives since decades and now it's our time to eradicate it completely from our society and neutralize it's far reaching consequences.



    1. stop with your fake lies, psychiatry is a fraud anyway and i don't buy into the bullshit of fake paid journalism by evil and corrupt porn industry.

    2. How else can we explain the clear statistic connection shown in dozens of countries across the world?

    3. same as scamdemic, to say the least.