Monday, 1 February 2021

Bashing of a Stupid Person (or Troll) of highest order, epic reply which totally destroyed him (genius at work)

  On 1/31/2021 at 6:10 PM, Tautedorus said:

If we're now talking about your current PSU, I haven't found a single proper review. This unit has been working for you for so long because your system doesn't even draw 200W under full load. If it were powering something more power hungry, that wouldn't be the case.

Anyway, i know you won't believe anything i say but i still want to keep my point, it has 34 amps on 12V rail and people have run 1060 6gb or even 1070 on this thing without a hitch. if you read amazon reviews, you will know, it was rated around 4.4 during it's starting days then lost it's way due to overpriced garbage sellers and fake reviews and other frauds done by foreign companies and govts. Corsair VS450 gave me restart issues just under 4 months even at idle with my hd 6850, i know it's like 120w tdp gpu still it my system would have hardly drawn over 120w even at full load but we are talking about normal tasks here and consider them to be the top tier brand while they sell cheap patehtic quality budget PSUs just to capture low budget market to expand themselves and grow, and their products are blatantly overpriced here anyway so all they want is money for their mediocre products and most ndians are mad about foreign brands here (except maybe chinese because of recent political conflict but still they have hugely dominated the smartphone market in last 6-7 years as top 4 brands of out 5 here are from that tech manufacturing giant, Samsung is that only non-chinese company standing at No.2, Xiaomi at the top and 3 remaining ones are Oppo, Vivo, Realme which are owned by BBK electronics who also own OnePlus).

Their non-mechanical RGB Keyboards here cost like 60-80$ easily and have huge 50-70% compared to USA and don't ask about their mech ones with the likes of K70 and stuff thoe are like easily 180-200$, Indian brands also manufacture in China and order most of their components from their even if they do locally here (rare in most cases, atleast for small brands) to get import duty reduced to 2% from 12%. Even Apple started manufacturing here since last year and still charge the same markup of 1.5x in India despite lower taxes, now go figure everything else yourself. BTW, they already have scalper prices even in USA and selling the Magic Keyboard for a fucking ₹15,000 for at that price no RGB, Ergonomics (the word linus use att :P), non-mech, shit looks, okayish build quality.