Saturday, 6 February 2021

How Australia cheated to win so many World Cups in Cricket and their Chucking Saga

Ganguly's Dismissal in Sydney Test 2008 2nd Innings
Sydney Test 2008 Incident 

Mcgrath ddin't have pace and only relied on line and length and i have doubts and legality of his bowling action too (no offense), Gregg Mathews who played 48 test for Australia said back in late 2009 that Mcgrath was a chucker but didn't say anything about current Australian players to avoid controversy but i guess he could name a few, the 15 degree law came into existence because murali claimed Brett lee, Glenn Mcgrath, Jason Gillespie were chuckers when everyone down under was throwing dirt at him.
This is the true face of Australia, they still have chuckers like Zampa and Starc, i hated that bugger head mitchell johnson, he was the most blatant chucker i have seen after Shoaib Akhtar, he was rude and arrogant too, aus always unfair means be it biased racist umpiring or corrupt officials taking a bit too much of strict action against their opponents, ponting never got banned or fine for slow over-rate and he used to be at 12 all the time.

ICC is pretty much in favour of Aussies in everything and in Sydney Test 2008 umpires were bribed 13 howlers against India, Aus can suck my big slick dick, convict bastard with no dignity and character, I wish this whole racist nation get nuked some day and world would be a better place.
Australia only won those 5 World Cups because of ICC help and umpires, we were cheated in final in 2003 because Ponting and Martin were denied plumb LBW early in their innings, we would have been chasing 260 or 270 considering we batted so bad due to pressure and still made 230 odd proves we would have chased that rather easily.
We were also robbed in 1987 by these goons remember the 1 run loss match to Australia in that World Cup? We were cruising at one stage then an unexpected collapsed occurred, still we would have won if umpire didn't accept that cheating liar Dean Jones request to change four to a six hence that exact 2 runs difference proved crucial in the result of the game and we lost and it was one of the reason for losing that WC because of losing that WC. Australia wouldn't have qualify let alone winning their first WC, larceny in cricket at it's peak.
1996 WC SF, WI were cruising and terrible decisions by umpires lead to their defeat and one them replays was not even shown by broadcasting officials it was such shameful call.
1999 WC we lost to Zimbabwe because of wrong lbw last cricket (close game but i mainly blame it on our poor batting that lead to collapse).
In tied SF b/w Aussies and South Africa, Kallis lbw was wrong too and he was well set at 47 so SA could have won easily. 
Didn't watch 2007 WC because of moving out and there we didn't have tv at that time so can't comment on that.
In 2015 WC Pakistan fixed QF against them and India lost SF due to bad umpiring as usual, 3 plumb LBWs were denied which surprisingly came as umpire's call due to hawkeye manipulation and umpire's call is a stupid rule anyway.
In 2019 WC they cheated against WI, Gayle was not out, two others too and Gayle was given wrongly out 2-3 times before that but survived because of taking review but still his innings ended on a no-ball and no one can review a bowled.