Monday, 1 February 2021

My Last Message to my old Yahoo! Answers Cricket Section Friend on Facebook

Seems like you don't care much about me, i am giving up on you, ignoring so many messages in a cluster just means you have not much to do with me, i said 100 ridiculous offensive to my only friend yet he just call it nonsense and bs then moves on.

You cricket section people never really liked me right from the start and even when i was genuine and taking a toll on those bloody cheating convict bastards you had issue with me complaining about their cheating but not really the dirty tactics applied by aus in every game they play.

It has been the case ever since ashes started back in 1877, england always suffered howlers against them otherwise they would have 50 ashes series and aus barely 15 and remaining 5 drawn.

Bloody motherfucking bastard john lucas thought i asked a question using his real name then you and geith came up to me saying why did you do it and didn't believe anything i say, you guys are quick to assume and easily believe lies and whoever asked it wasn't evena abusive or bad question but yeah not good reveal someone's real name on public forum.

Then disgusting australian trolls started asking masturbation, father undies etc. question about me and biggus diggus even wrote "[my name] indeed has aids" on his profile after few months when filthy trolling against me.

It at it's peak by those stupid motherfucking goons like wanker, bingalee, mrjinx64, craig and that guy himself and few others i am done with all of you thanks for your unpleasanmt time you bloody bastards gave me, i am gonna remove each and every single one of you.

Keep going on with your pathetic lonely sexually immoral and evil life, you never find true love and will live rest of your life this pathetic fashion.

Good bye you all bloody motherfucking obnoxious, disgraceful, creepy, disgusting, characterless people with no dignity, character or integrity. You all are stupid, liars, deceitful, frauds and extremely gross.