Wednesday, 3 March 2021

It's time to wake up, stop loot of foreign brands in India!

Their brands are so pathetic, just look at Apple for example. Having being considered overpriced in America itself we Indians buy their iPhones for much bigger premium. Generally 1.5x compared to USA. Samsung is also not too far behind with their policies on consumer electronics in India compared to Apple. Steve Jobs is overrated and should have never been appreciated for his pathetic ridiculously overpriced brand. Apple deserve to be hated, in my opinion. They literally suck, what they care about most is profit margins and never their customers.

You need to jailbreak it? It's illegal? You wanna repair it by third party vendor? Warranty void, boom.
While Android is open source, both of these things can be done without much of an issue and it's called rooting for them, not the notorious term Jailbreak used by greedy corrupt corporations.

By Taking orders from USA, Indian government also banned torrent sites. Leaving so many people under the scruff of the neck. The fact is most of us can't afford those software as mentioned earlier, their heavy price. I hate original games because they have those shitty additional software, drm and online checks. Steam is the most pathetic piece of software known for slowing down games and buggy UI. It short, it's a bloatware that acts like a DRM. Denuvo has massively ruined optimization for many games, while it comes as a guarantee of long delayed cracking, it also pushes way customers for the unethical practice of this certain intrusion which has decreased SSDs (Solid State Drive) lifespan of many people if not killed them completely. I might have alot of storage of around 4.5TB but i don't own an SSD still as i broke of my SATA Port and all three others are hooked up to my internal drives, i also have 1 external USB Drive.