Sunday, 16 May 2021

How Linus Tech Tips Forum is a epidemic of stupidity and fuels irrational hate towards certain people

If you raise a concern about something on the forum then people will stop moan complaining or giving you their shitty life advice when there's absolutely no discussion regarding it is going on and even cross their limits and call you egomaniac or why you are not doing good in life and even bringing pasts conversations which have no correlation, criticizing your personal life and tell you your faults some on dumbass stupid random tech forum and a tech nerd who stares at his screen 24/7 and has a anti social stigma attached to himself, do nasty things in private watching dirty stuff on raunchy sites and making a clear cut by his evil and sinful acts.

made me very angry, well tbh there was a 2 week ban before that where i said depressed people are sinful souls and muslims cause violence and riots in India they didn't wanna religious but what i said was true and then they mocked be by calling me islamophobic

well depression thing was a bit extreme but still i said it without thinking much but i don't really believe it sometimes i say stuff i don't want to or don't believe
i was also banned from status updates back in aug last year
so series of violations lead to that
but most weird thing was a mod posted thread cleaned notice keep discussion civil notice and nothing happened for several hours which is what i found weird about my ban hammer

The forum is literally a cesspool of tech advice too, when you ask something, get ready to get replies which state the obvious or some people just wouldn't read the details and reply things you have cleared, tried or already figured out and sometimes even stupider dumbfucks who thinks the OP is an idiot would say things like are you really sure or did you even try it. 

talking to support staff on email didn't help much they were not understanding enough although i got a bit angry because of them not replying at all or taking very long, i think they were not interested in lifting my ban at any cost despite me explaining everything so well to them. I wish to contact Linus some day but i fumed at him on twitter after my ban wonder if he can forgive me that's why i am not confident about it. I was always bullied on forum for having a lesser known brand psu, my conservative beliefs about marriage and relationships and many other things.

look this is why i found LTT forum toxic, i was mocked alot by people, they never understood me despite giving them valid reasons. Look at Levent's reply he's talking about me, i confessed to him about how i am hated here and Tech Dreamer is the person i have and he used that info to mock me, i talked to him in a PM to solve matters but he was being really ignorant and hostile